Episode 1135: The Criterion Challenge: Ordet

April 14, 2024

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

This time for The Criterion Challenge, we discuss “Ordet,” one of Ben’s favorite films!

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One comment on “Episode 1135: The Criterion Challenge: Ordet

  1. I am so surprised you guys didn’t mention Soren Kierkegaard at all. This movie is very heavily influenced by him and his works. Particularly fear and trembling partly sickness unto death. Kierkegaard wrote fear and trembling under the pseudonym Johannes de silentio the which is where the brother got his name.
    The movie also plays with his ideas of the knight of resignation, knight of faith, and lastly his attack on christiandom and what it means to be a Christian vs State or Socitial Christian. His relationship there is pretty complicated.

    I honestly believe Ben you would end up loving fear and trembling as well as sickness unto death, and Matt you would like it, and love a deep dive style conversation of them. They are amazing reads and have sooooo many of the ideas you both were touching upon in the dune series (more so around god emperor) and a.i. talks.

    I highly recommend them! They are short, but extremely extremely dense theologically and philosophically!

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