Episode 2: I Want To Believe

January 16, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Is the existence with aliens compatible with biblical teaching? Ben and Matt taken on that question in the latest episode of The Sci-Fi Christian

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One comment on “Episode 2: I Want To Believe

  1. I believe aliens are perhaps daemons or fallen angel masquerading as such.

    If there are aliens (and they are not fallen angels), I would be so bold as to say Christ died for them too. It wouldn’t matter on which planet Christ died, for salvation to be available to ‘all’.

    In fact this is the premise of a Star Trek rip off series I’ve had on my mine for the last 4 or so years. Star Tract: Evangelise. The crew is captained by Owen Priech (go and preach).

    The Nephilim is a very interesting subject. Angels can manifest physically and I would say fallen angels can manifest physically, and therefore can have sexual relations with the daughters of man.

    Some say that the spirits of the Nephilim (after the physical bodies of the giants drowned in the flood) are daemons. There might be a difference between fallen angel and daemons. Food for thought.

    Now this episode almost warranted an hour.

    In Christ

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