Episode 5: Top 5 MesSCIahs

February 7, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

In this episode of The Sci-Fi Christian, Ben and Matt count down their top 5 messianic characters in genre fiction.

***We had technical difficulties in the second half of the show. Sorry for the drop in audio quality***

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7 comments on “Episode 5: Top 5 MesSCIahs

  1. Seriously how could you guys leave off Lord Voldemort! The most evil man of all time! This guy only did evil, turned others to evil, and his sole goal was to steal, kill, and destroy…and he had a snake as a representative of him at one point, if that doesn’t like the devil to me then i dont know what is!

  2. Good call Koby. I would say not only Voldemort but also Harry were HUGE oversights on our part. I don’t think either would have made my top 5 lists but they definitely should have been runners up

  3. Talan Feb 14, 2011

    Harry defiantly should have made it on there. Not only did he spend all of the books fighting Satan aka Lord Voldemort, but at the end (spoiler alert) he gives up his life in order to save every one he loves. If that’s not messianic i don’t know what is

  4. Talan Feb 14, 2011

    I actually said YES when you announced The Hobbit. I am so syked

  5. Michael Sep 20, 2011

    Superman’s weaknesses: 1. kryptonite (of which there are a rainbow of varieties); 2. magic; 3. the people who are important to him in his life as Clark Kent — Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Lana. 4. his love for humanity in general (Superman II — Ursa: “He cares for these pitiful creatures!”).

    Argh. I realize I’m listening out of sequence, but, sheesh! Every week with the Superman-hate!

    I do agree that a full power set lessens the threat, so I am interested in reading the new Action Comics from Morrison to see how Superman does when reduced to his original powers and strength.

    YES on Sci-Fi Christian movie commentaries! I am unsure what films to suggest though — something that has theological stuff to mine as well as sci-fi stuff. Maybe “The Matrix”? Or one of the Lord of the Rings movies?

    Oh, I know! Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan!

  6. I too have never been a fan of Superman, however I really, really enjoyed Smallville. Maybe Clark Kent is not interesting in the movies and and the comics, but Clark Kent of the TV series is a very, very complex and rich character. And totally a messianic figure, throughout most of the show.

    Lex Luther of Smallville would be a good choice for a satanic figure. He has a spectacular fall from grace.

    I can’t see Angel, messianic at all. He feeds on blood rather than gives his blood for one

  7. Philip Mar 15, 2015

    One of the best(or worst) evil figures I’ve encountered is The Judge from Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. Ben, you have got to read it, I’d love to hear what you have to say about The Judge afterwards. http://bit.ly/1AHKojy

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