Episode 8: Sci-Fi Movies We HATE HATE HATE!

March 1, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Ben and Matt are unabashed nerds but that doesn’t mean they like everything genre fiction has to offer. Tune into this episode of The Sci-Fi Christian to hear about the movies they just can’t stand!

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3 comments on “Episode 8: Sci-Fi Movies We HATE HATE HATE!

  1. Michael Sep 23, 2011

    “Negative Zone” = Fantastic Four. “Phantom Zone” = Superman. You are reduced two steps in geek rank. Superman has many villains FAR more interesting than General Zod, including the two Matt mentioned. But we’ll see: Zod could be only a footnote or a flashback, or even an uneasy ally of sorts as he was for some of the recent “World of New Krypton” event in the comics.

  2. Yeah. I have to side with Ben on this one, Matt. Your first news item was not scifi news.

    The villain is spelt Darkseid and pronounced Dark-side.

    I enjoyed ‘Dolls House’ more than Whedon’s other stuff.

    The TV show I’m interested in watching are from some of the writers of Buffy ‘Grimm’.

    I liked ‘I Robot’ and will NOT be ashamed for liking it.

    There is things good in ‘The Core’ and that would be character performances. The science was so great, but there are plenty.

    Don’t you dare force Matt to watch ‘Sunshine’ again, Ben. Be fair! I too didn’t like Sunshine.

    YEAH I quite liked ‘Reign of Fire’, and I liked ‘Congo’.

    I lastly want to say Ben to call a person who doesn’t want to watch ‘Dr. Horrible’ ‘dumb’ is not brotherly love.

  3. I feel immoral for downloading such an early episode without it being recently time looped. I must leave it to the time loop reruns to give me these early SFC treasures! 😯

    Prior to Ben’s fixing the terror-error of early shows not being up for download, I believe it was an episode in the 130’s or 120’s range where the download availability had cutoff.

    My first episode was the Star Trek roundtable on Into Darkness (#163). I wasn’t home with SFC at first, but I quickly latched onto the culture after pouring through dozens of episodes in that mid-100’s region and onwards. Thirty-six episodes in the can since I joined!

    The timeloops really keep me from going through SFC from the very beginning. Call it twisted, but I think that’s fun. Keeps a mystique going about the “early days”. 😉

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