Episode 11: Top 5 Superpowers

April 5, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

In this episode of The Sci-Fi Christian, Ben and matt count down the top 5 superpowers they’d most like to have while on the mission field.

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2 comments on “Episode 11: Top 5 Superpowers

  1. ScifiJedi Sep 2, 2011

    haha, you guys are hilarious…great

  2. Michael Sep 27, 2011

    Fun premise and discussion. I was struck by the fact that 2/5ths of Ben’s mission work would take place at night. Whatever happened to “work the works of him that sent [you], while it is day” (John 9.4)? (I kid, I kid!)

    And re: shapeshifting… Are we really coming alongside others who are different than we are if we only appear to be like them? And would shapeshifting really help you beyond physical appearances? How will the Wakandans with whom you’re ministering react when they find out, “Oh, Matt doesn’t look like us after all”? Far better call with the omnilinguism and the super intelligence. (Did you know Wonder Woman can also talk to the animals?)

    Mind control as your #1, Matt? Holy cow! If you get that superpower, remind me never to listen to you preach!

    You guys understand, of course, these are not really criticisms, as though any of this could happen! Just chiming in since you raised the topic! I enjoyed this episode a lot.

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