Episode 14: Clones Revisited

April 26, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Ben and Matt revisit their clones episode, responding to the many listener comments on that topic.

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3 comments on “Episode 14: Clones Revisited

  1. Mike Poteet Sep 29, 2011

    Another good discussion. I’m curious about the idea that death was not an original part of God’s plan for humanity. I’m not sure I agree (1 Timothy says immortality belongs to God alone — I guess that could be describining what is, not what might have been), but I know that’s a commonly held position and am certainly open to looking at it.

    Was the command to be fruitful and multiply meant to be only “temporary” (for lack of a better word), to the point where the earth reached a full, sustainable human population? Is overpopulation a consequence or symptom of the Fall? (Could be, I guess.)

    I tend to think it’s not so much the fact of physical death as our relationship to it (i.e., we now live in fear of it — Hebrews 2) that changed at the Fall, but, as I say, open to exploring it more.

    • I don’t remember exactly what we said in the episode but I’d agree that the death that was brought on by the fall was primarily spiritual, not physical. I’m inclined to believe that physical death existed before the fall, at least for plants and animals

  2. 7-18 Ace Jan 2, 2012

    I know that this comment is late and I do not expect any one to respond and or read this comment it’s just a point I wanted to make.

    I was listing to older episodes and when I came to this one. I was surprised that you guys didn’t touch down on the matter of free will because to me the biggist part of being a human is having a choice.

    I don’t believe that if you write a complex enough program you can then say it is a soul. All it will ever be is a very good imitation. Say if this robot walks into a ice cream shop and it’s program says that it’s favorit flavor of ice cream is chocolate, and that you always eat your favorit flavor of ice cream when you have ice cream. Then the robot is not choosing it is fallowing it’s program.

    Also I believe the soul is more then a spirit I believe it is all of you. The way you were brought up can effect your soul, the personality God gave you is part of your soul and your body does effect your soul. What if somebody had alot of freckles and that person ended up really shy because they didn’t like his or her freckles. We often underestimate the ripple effect of the little things in life.

    Back to free will. I don’t think animals have souls I think they just have instincts. As we learned from Booth at the End there is always a choice. Ben said that God valued free will. So isn’t that why humans worship God? Isn’t that what seperates us from animals or a robot? Isn’t that why the devil tempts us? I think that because we have a choice because we can make a decision is pretty much the answer to all of these questions.
    We as humans worship God to glorify him and it isn’t worthless because it is a active decision not a program or a instinct. We are not animals trained to worship. And the devil tempts us because we have a choice and we can choose between doing the right thing or listing to the devil.

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