Episode 18: The Multiverse – Notes From The Other Side

May 25, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono with special guests Talan Gwin and Skip Crust

This episode of The Sci-Fi Christian explores the theology behind parallel universes, alternate worlds and the multiverse.

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One comment on “Episode 18: The Multiverse – Notes From The Other Side

  1. Michael Oct 4, 2011

    Re: movies out of games. I could be wrong, but I think “Jumanji” and “Zathura” were both actually children’s books about games, not games themselves (unless some savvy merchandiser then made games later). I hadn’t heard about “Candy Land” (doesn’t seem promising), but have you seen the “Battleship” trailer? It, also, doesn’t seem promising. How on earth did they sign Liam Neeson?

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