A Dance With Dragons out today (Yay dragons!)

July 12, 2011


In case you’ve been living in a Hobbit Hole for the last few years, George R. R. Martin has quickly become one of the most well-known and beloved fantasy writers out there with his series entitled, A Song of Ice and Fire, the first book being A Game of Thrones. Well, today, my friends, his latest book is out! Fans have eagerly awaited this book for years, not without some frustration at Martin’s writing pace. But today it’s out. Ben probably already has his on his ereader and is halfway through.


But besides the awesome news, let’s reflect on how awesome dragons are.


What if dragons existed?


Dragons are SWEET.


True facts about dragon eggs that you probably didn’t know.


The general opinion of Eragon.



Just try to train a dragon. Try.

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6 comments on “A Dance With Dragons out today (Yay dragons!)

  1. daniel Jul 12, 2011

    Hobbit Hole!

  2. Dave, this is hilarious! “Dragon eggs can bench-press 225 pounds.”

  3. I have a final in Greek tonight so I’m resisting the temptation to download and am instead awaiting the arrival of my hard copy from Amazon. 5 and a half years of waiting and the day is finally here! Can’t freaking wait to start reading!

    • i hope it’s great! i cant wait to hear your thoughts on it

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