Producer Dean Devlin wants to make two sequels to Stargate feature film

July 5, 2011

Seventeen years have passed since the original Stargate film came out. Since then fans have seen it grow into a massive franchise containing three series and a couple of Direct-to-DVD movies. That is over three hundred and fifty hours of Stargate canon. In a recent interview with Dean Devlin, the original film’s producer, he talked about wanting to tell the rest of the story that he and Ronald Emmerich had come up with decades ago.

Devlin states, “The irony is that we wrote it as a trilogy of movies, but we were never able to do parts two and three. Our hope is that, now that the series is starting to wind down that maybe it’ll be time to do parts two and three. So we’re hopeful we’ll get to come back and tell the rest of that story.”

As to what the sequels might be about Devlin says, “We wanted to explore how the Stargates were built originally and where else in the universe they exist, why they exist, and where else they exist on Earth.”

With all the red tape in Hollywood getting any film made is a miracle. I am not going to hold my breath on this one but I will admit I would love to see it. The community of Stargate fans is about as big as Star Trek‘s so we know what can happen because of fan interest. Devlin’s plan is to use the same actors and ignore the continuity that the series has created. This would mean that two versions of the story would live side-by-side. That actually does not bother me but I can see that bothering others. That could be one reason why fans would not want to see two Stargate sequels. However we all know that studios do not look at what fans want. They look to see if a franchise is a cash cow. And Stargate is one big cow if you get my meaning. What are your thoughts? 

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4 comments on “Producer Dean Devlin wants to make two sequels to Stargate feature film

  1. yeah, I heard about this. I’m not too sure I’m that excited. As a huge fan of the show, including the recently canceled SGU, it would be hard to watch the original story again while trying to forget everything that has happened on the shows over the past 14 years.

  2. Agree with you. Wish I watched SGU for a couple more seasons, to see Destiny on her path to find the cosmic background radiation signal from God…

    But that’s life, they killed SGU and my guessing is they did this because of the Biblical message of it.

    Now, out of pure curiosity, why not watching [when and if] what the original Stargate creators had in mind for the sequels… If not for pure pleasure, just for the sake of a new ranting subject. Don’t try to forget the 14 years because you’ll need them to compare.

  3. That’s a good point. I’m sure, if this comes to pass, that I will watch the sequels. I really enjoyed the original movie, so I am definitely intrigued. Again, I’m just think it is too soon after the demise of the show.

  4. Alyssa Jul 8, 2011

    I haven’t watched SGU yet, but I did watch all 10 of SG-1 (best ever). I don’t think I would want to watch the 2 sequels. It would be too confusing. Are we supposed to pretend that Replicators and the Ori never happened? I couldn’t discount everything I fell in love with. Pass.

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