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7 comments on “The Booth at the End Episode 2 Review

  1. Palindrome Jul 20, 2011

    The title was “You Must Finish What You Begin”

    • Palindrome Jul 20, 2011

      Nevermind, you have the real title at the top of the page.

  2. I’m watching your video right now. Packing for Comic Con.

    I’ve got a panel at Comic Con tomorrow at 3:30.

    I’ll call or email next week and we’ll set it. We should probably wait until the fourth episode is up, or after the last (fifth) episode.

  3. ldoverstreet Jul 21, 2011

    How many pounds do you think “the man” will gain during the season?

  4. Indy256 Jul 21, 2011

    I’m surprised you two didn’t go into detail about the moral waffling of Willem; he doesn’t seem to think he DESERVES to have the life that the family he watches has, he “wants” the girl in the picture. I’m getting a “seven deadly sins” vibe from this, too.

  5. daniel Aug 1, 2011

    I love the interconnectedness theme, that’s to me what made Heroes season one so great. But I am wondering if there will be some twists to your early predictions.

  6. Alyssa Aug 3, 2011

    predictions were great! I love watching this show progress and learning how all the characters connect! best

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