Episode 27: C.K. Kubasik Interview

August 10, 2011

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

The Sci-Fi Christian returns with its biggest episode yet! Ben and Matt are joined by special guest C.K. Kubasik to talk about his hit web series, The Booth at the End. Tune in for tons of behind the scenes info and to find out what’s in store for the series in the future. Also, if you haven’t done so, be sure to check out The Booth at the End at Hulu.com

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6 comments on “Episode 27: C.K. Kubasik Interview

  1. Alyssa Aug 11, 2011


  2. Hey guys, thanks for the interview! It was a blast!


  3. Bletsu Fatsamatta Aug 18, 2011

    It’s called RADIO, where the pictures are in your mind. Nobody remembers that in radio, the action was by definition, off screen. There’s nothing novel or new about this, but the age of radio drama ended about 1962 and nobody can remember except a few radiophiles and old poots like me.

    The show is avante guard today because it is all exposition, ie talking about the action, which is not the way of motion pictures or television.

    Hopefully, we’ll see a resurgence where the audience has to be involved, rather than just being palpated while desperately trying to chew jujubees and losing a filling and your mind turning to sushi.

    I hope it continues, and I hope the material sprouts offshoots.

  4. James Johnson Aug 18, 2011

    Watched all five eps straight after finding the show. Awesome. SPOILERS…

    I noticed both Mrs. Tyler and James were granted their wishes without doing their task. Even though they do end up choosing the “right” path over their desires in the end, it seems like they’ve corrupted their conscience/soul in the process. Don’ t think that’s a coincidence…

    For season 2, along with the season finale deal, I think asking The Man for his book/job/power would also be really interesting (maybe from a repeat customer who understands how it works).

    Really looking forward/hoping to see more of this show.

  5. Palindrome Dec 16, 2011

    C.K. Kubasik is inspiring. His ideas about storytelling and internet format are really interesting. Let me just say that I love that you can hear C.K. Kubasik hitting his desktop to puncuate all his ideas.

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