Episode 48: It’s Time For Sci-Fi News

March 26, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Daniel Butcher

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6 comments on “Episode 48: It’s Time For Sci-Fi News

  1. Daniel Butcher Mar 27, 2012

    Noooooooo, they’ve taken down the Blood and Chrome trailer! http://thescifichristian.com/2012/03/battlestar-galactica-blood-and-chrome/#comment-10976

  2. Yaaaaaay!!! New episode!!!

  3. Michael Mar 27, 2012

    Always awesome to hear new SFC!

    Daniel, thanks for reminding me about “Atlantis.” I had completely forgotten about it, but I did enjoy it. I mean, hey, Leonard Nimoy voices the ruler of Atlantis – what’s not to love?

    What do you guys think about the violence quotient in “The Clone Wars” currently? My whole family and I (our two kids are 4 and 10) were watching it together until this season’s opener, which my son – my son! – found too violent. So we’ve all fallen off “The Clone Wars” bandwagon (and just in time for Darth Maul!). I have to give him credit, though: he knows his limits, and what he feels comfortable watching and not. I feel like a lousy dad complaining that my kid doesn’t want to watch something that violates his personal standards of morality, but hey, it’s “Star Wars”….!

    I do encourage you both to get back on board with “Awake.” It’s consistently good (and, yes, heart-rending) week by week. And a “Lost”-esque conspiracy seems to be shaping up, Matt, so there ya go!

    I think Matt’s pitch for Delorean donations has *got* to go in the 2012 listener appreciation spectacular by the way, so make a note. 🙂

    Viva Barsoom! Viva Barsoom! I don’t *want* to forget about John Carter!

    (Credit where credit is due, though, I think someone else sent you the info about playable Stan Lee, though, right? Unless I’ve just forgotten. I know I sent you the item about the “Lost” course.)

  4. Yay! New episode! I would love to hear more of your Doctor Who conversation. Who’s your least favortie Doctor Daniel?

  5. 7-18 Ace Mar 30, 2012

    SHE!!! I am a GIRRRRRLLLLLL!!!! Matt, please please please stop saying he.

  6. Daniel Apr 2, 2012

    Palindrome: My least favorite Doctor is Christopher Eccleston. I just think his Doctor is fairly flat while Tennant and Smith have given the Doctor personality. I personally was raised on Tom Baker, but has a soft spot for Sylvester McCoy.

    Mike: I have kids in that same age range, and probably part way through season 3 they really turned up the violence and dark material on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. My youngest honest is not paying attention, he is just waiting for R2D2 to show up so he can make his toy beep at the same time. My oldest though watches intentionally and has commented on the violence level, let’s be honest not every clone makes it through the war and war leads to tough decisions. We have let them continue to watch, but have turned it into a opportunity to talk about moral issues.

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