GGB Special Edition #6: SFC’s Battle Royale!

March 12, 2012

What is Geek Grab Bag? It’s a collection of odds and ends found throughout the week from the Internet. Send in your submissions to be featured in future issues of the column to

In lieu of the current Battle Royale, I thought it would be fun to do a GGB special edition that focuses on our contestants. Enjoy:

Homer Ibn-La’Ahad. Don’t steel his donuts or he will assassinate you.

Bioshock Cosplay: Creepy.

Indiana Jones cake: Yum.

What? You didn’t know that the Doctor is also musically inclined?

Garrus Vakarian would like it if you were to eat healthy and only use this as a salad plate.

Have Link fight off the frigid, cold winter for you.

It’s Predator hunting season!

Leeloo will always protect your money.

You can find this t-shirt design in the archives over at

The Black Smoke Monster makes a red carpet appearance.

Spike and Angel go to Hawaii!

Data would like to know if you have chosen your cell phone plan yet?

If Teal’c is sellin’, I’m buyin’

Tough on the Enterprise, tough on a bike.

If Darth Vader doesn’t win based solely on this video, I quit.

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