Episode 74: Dark Knight Rises Prophecies

July 17, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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4 comments on “Episode 74: Dark Knight Rises Prophecies

  1. Thanks to Koby for posting this on our Facebook page, and for helping me to prove Ben wrong.

    How blind people see the Internet: http://gizmodo.com/5620079/giz-explains-how-blind-people-see-the-internet

  2. Michael Jul 17, 2012

    Well, here’s a moment that has to go in the year end retrospective: “For the record, let’s state the five senses…” Wow, we at the SFC are ever on the cutting edge. 🙂 (Also liked “God is probably our most active listener”!)

    Good episode, though, guys! Nice to have Ben back (though see http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_blind_people_use_websites and http://www.braillebug.org/askkeller.asp?issueid=20052 – she was never married, but was in love).

    They did establish Lazarus pits in BATMAN BEGINS, right? So even if he dies – really dies – he could be brought back in a spectacular final scene…? For that matter, Ras ahl Guhl could still be alive…

    I do fear we’ve all got massively high, nigh-messianic expectations for this movie, though. Here’s hoping we all enjoy it! FWIW, I will be at a midnight showing in my area, so I’ll be with the SFC crew in spirit! Viva Batman (and, of course, Barsoom)!

  3. Michael Jul 17, 2012

    And don’t think I didn’t hear your smack about Superman, de Bono!!!

  4. 7-18 Ace Jul 18, 2012

    What are you guys doing? Are you trying to scare Ben away?

    Ben, I agree 100% with every word you have said. (Please, please, please come back again! You and Matt together are the best podcast ever.)

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