“Doctor Who” series seven trailer (TV News)

August 2, 2012

Daleks! Dinosaurs! A cyborg cowboy! River Song! Weeping Angels!


And, it seems, mercy–or the lack thereof. Don’t miss the Doctor angrily telling Amy, “All the people died because of my mercy!” It appears that, on his way to the fields of Trenzalore, the Doctor will be revisiting the question that has vexed him from timey-wimey time to timey-wimey time: “Do I have the right?” Could it be that, as he stands there amidst all those destroyed Dalek casings, his answer has changed?

We should have lots to talk about once the new series materializes. Geronimo!

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3 comments on ““Doctor Who” series seven trailer (TV News)

  1. YES!

  2. Following last night’s Dr Who revelation about assimilated humans in dalek bodies, I give you this …

    Glad To Be A Dalek

    I’m not your av’rage Dalek,
    You know the sort I mean,
    All bent on domination;
    Giving vent to all that spleen.
    I like to think I’m diff’rent
    From other Dalek crew,
    Who keep emotions hidden
    While exterminating you.
    I don’t agree with killing,
    With plans to subjugate.
    The Universe is lovely
    And I find it hard to hate.
    In fact, I’ve got my own plan;
    I’m working from within!
    I’m teaching other Daleks
    How to knit and sew and spin.
    I run a secret workshop
    Where Daleks can relax
    And find their inner Dalek;
    Get the monkey off their backs.
    We try to be creative;
    To make things, not destroy.
    I run a Dalek choir
    Learning Ludwig’s ‘Ode To Joy’.
    So if you see a Dalek
    In homeknit wool poncho,
    Don’t run off in a panic,
    Come across and say ‘Hello!”

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