Episode 79: The Sci-Fi Catholic

August 12, 2012

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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5 comments on “Episode 79: The Sci-Fi Catholic

  1. Michael Aug 13, 2012

    Great episode, guys! I’m glad you chose to share this conversation with us, and, again, commend Ben for sharing his journey so openly with all of us.

    Small quibble: While it’s true that Luther didn’t have much use for James or Revelation (although he changed his mind on Revelation before all was said and done), he did not remove them from the canon. The Jewish rabbis removed the Apocryphal books from authoritative status around 200 CE, as I understand it; and this was the rationale the Reformers used for removing them from the canon (although I think a lot of Protestant traditions, mine included, regard them as of some value, though not binding in terms of doctrine).

    • I’d agree with your quibble to a point (my comment was more off the cuff than a fully crafted argument) though Luther’s quote about James being an “epistle of straw” remains unsettling. Regardless of whether their conclusions were right or wrong, I find that the approach the Reformer’s took to the canon is problematic, especially in the case of Luther.

      That said, I applaud Protestant traditions like yours that hold the Deuterocanonical books in high regard. That ought to be common ground that Protestants and Catholics can come together on

  2. Well, if someone does convert from Christianity to catholicism, just please don’t convert to one of the killing variety as detailed in tomes of historical references such as the Martyrs Mirror and Foxes Book of Martyrs. As you know, Rome has a long history of enforcing her will through inquisition and death…

    • Fact check time

      1. I’m not converting from Christianity. Last I checked, Catholics are Christians

      2. A quick check of your blog reveals that you take issue with the persecution of Anabaptists by the Catholic Church. So do I and so does the modern Catholic Church. You should be aware that Anabaptists were also persecuted by Protestants. Zwingli was quite fond of drowning them.

      Honestly, your comment would be offensive if it wasn’t so flawed logically and factually. The Church needs unity, not cheap shots based on the historical sins of Protestants and Catholics alike.

  3. Christine Aug 20, 2012

    This episode took me completely by surprise and I would really like to know more about Ben’s views and opinions, which, understandably, they did not really go into on the episode. I grew up with a Catholic father and a Protestant mother. My whole family went to a mass and a Baptist service every week. I did not have first communion, and when I would have been confirmed as a catholic, I chose not to, and to be Protestant instead. I still go to mass with my dad (skipping communion). I know the reasons for my choice, and I’d like to hear what Ben has to say. There are some beliefs you must agree with to be considered Catholic, but putting aside those, there are many that many Catholics would agree with, but not all. I really want to know Ben’s opinions on some of these.

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