Top Five Fan Films

August 15, 2012

I’ve recently watched a slew of fan films: some really good, some really bad. I decided to compile a list of what I would consider the top five of those that I’ve viewed. Here are the deciding factors that helped me to choose which films would make the cut:

a. Decent acting – I don’t believe that a fan film necessarily needs to have oscar quality acting; that’s unrealistic. I do believe that it is possible, however, to find decent actors who are willing to work for little to no money at all in order to build up a resume.

b. Good story and dialogue – If a fan film is to be taken seriously, it should be written seriously.

c. Good filming and editing – I’m not going to take the production seriously if it looks like it was recorded on a home camera and edited together with a vcr.

d. It makes me want to see it as a full length movie.

Warning: Some of these picks are fairly violent.
Without further ado, here is my top five list in no particular order:

1. Batman: Dead End – created by Sandy Collora in 2003 and based on the popular comic book character, it was originally presented at San Diego Comic Con.

2. Street Fighter: Legacy – created by Joey Ansah in 2010, this fan film pay tribute to one of the great fighting games of all time and has recently been picked up as a television series entitled Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist.

3. World’s Finest – Who wouldn’t want to see a movie bringing together both Superman and Batman. This fan film was created by Sandy Collora in 2004.–PFbE
4. Mega Man X – This very low-budget short was created by Olan Rogers for only $700 and it makes me want to play all of the Mega Man video games ever created!
5. Soon I Will Be Invincible – Based on Austin Grossman’s novel of the same title, this film was created by Rajneel Singh and is fantastic!

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3 comments on “Top Five Fan Films

  1. Nice list!
    In the days before Nolan’s Batman and the absurdly fan-boyish AvP movies, Dead End was on endless repeat on my DVD player. Little geek note: the Joker there is played by Chekov’s son.

    May I suggest a “Best of the Fan-Edits” follow-up list?

  2. Mickey, I love that idea! I’ll get to work!

  3. Mickey, I’m putting together the list today and getting up the article hopefully by this evening or tomorrow. Shoot me an email ( and give me your pick for favorite fan-edit and I’ll add it in.

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