The Great TNG@25 Theology Trek… TO BE CONTINUED!

November 16, 2012

Ok, it’s probably not as suspenseful as when you watched “The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1” and had to wait out the long summer of 1990 to find out what would happen next. But, due to the stubborn refusal of each day to have more than 24 hours, I must beg your indulgence as I take a brief hiatus from our theological trek through The Next Generation.

Let me take this opportunity to again thank everyone who’s been reading and commenting. The conversations have been great, and I am looking forward to continuing them after the Thanksgiving holiday.

So, my apologies again for the interruption.  I’ll have thoughts on “Q Who” for you the last Friday of November!

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3 comments on “The Great TNG@25 Theology Trek… TO BE CONTINUED!

  1. You have any plans to see it on the big screen?

    • Mike Poteet Nov 26, 2012

      Alas, no! But it would be a good one for big-screen, hi-def viewing!

  2. I eagerly await your return!

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