Episode 121: You Say You Want a Revolution?

February 24, 2013

Featuring Matt Anderson, Brad Jorde, and Erick Klein

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10 comments on “Episode 121: You Say You Want a Revolution?

  1. I’m only 20 minutes in right now and i have to say it’s so far the most intriguing episode of SFC I’ve yet listened to.

  2. Re:Romans

    I feel that (as I’ve mentioned before) you have to take ALL the Bible at once, rather than referencing one verse at a time.

    With that, we know that we are to stand up against evil. With that consideration, we can fight evil.

    And to further add to this, since we won the American Revolution, we would then be justified for the revolution since we then came into authority over ourselves… having been given it by God.

  3. I like these co-hosts! They did a great job, and they seem really level-minded and intelligent. Also, it seemed that this episode really focused on our faith more than most episodes. Great job, guys!

  4. Great episode, guys! Matt, your co-hosts were a lot of fun. You all touched on some great points. It was a very thought-provoking conversation.

  5. Wow! Thanks, RC! And with guest hosts! Are you requesting that we bring them back on the show?

  6. Ok, just finished it. Maybe not many laughs, but it is the deepest episode I’ve heard from SFC. Very cool.

  7. Oh and regarding co-hosts I’d really like to hear them again. The chemistry between the three of you wasn’t humorous, but it was light and engaging despite being fairly serious.

  8. I’d say Jesus models how we should live, in the sense that he says “turn the other cheek” and modeled that through his sacrifice. When faced with violence i.e. the woman being stoned for adultery, he did not physically intervene but pointed out the sinful nature of the men who were going to stone her and thus saved her. God the Father functions differently that Jesus in that he functions outside of the world with his sovereign will. He says vengence is mine and he regularly takes that vengence on governments. I’d say that yes God chooses the rulers just like it says he does but also reserves the right to throw down those rulers. The best example of this is Saul who was clearly and directly chosen by God but was also removed from that position also by God. To play my own devil’s advocate, In the garden when Jesus is being taken Peter cuts off the ear of one of the men and Jesus puts it back on but if Jesus were completely against violence of any kind why is it that he allowed Peter to tote a sword around in the first place? On a side note I liked the hosts and the topic, I also wanted my Joke to make it in and I appreciated the rewording of the question on facebook. I agree with RC that it wasn’t so much humourous but the topic was deep. I found myself wanting to jump in to the discussion. Great Stuff!

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