Battle Royale 2013: Round 1: FIGHT!

March 3, 2013

The SFC’s 2013 Battle Royale is here! Below you will find a description of each combatant, detailing their strengths as well as their weapons of choice. Click on the links below the description boxes to vote for a winner. The poll will close at Midnight on March 11th. On Tuesday, March 12th, the Round 2 poll will be up on the site. Let the fights begin!

Round 1

Battle 1:

Who Will Win Battle 1? VOTE HERE!

Battle 2:

Who Will Win Battle 2? VOTE HERE!

Battle 3:

Who Will Win Battle 3? VOTE HERE!

Battle 4:

Who Will Win Battle 4? VOTE HERE!

Battle 5:

Who Will Win Battle 5? VOTE HERE!

Battle 6:

Who Will Win Battle 6? VOTE HERE!

Battle 7:

Who Will Win Battle 7? VOTE HERE!

Battle 8:

Who Will Win Battle 8? VOTE HERE!

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15 comments on “Battle Royale 2013: Round 1: FIGHT!

  1. Daniel Mar 3, 2013

    Man…friendliness is a tough weapon to beat!

  2. You did an amazing job with these descriptions. Just voted!

  3. These descriptions are so awesome, Max! Great work on this!!!

  4. You forgot Wikipedia for one of Matt’s weapons!

  5. 3 of 10 Mar 5, 2013

    As awesome as Mal is, there is no way he could beat Gabriel. I don’t think many of the Sci-Fi Christian listeners watch Supernatural, which is a shame because it’s an amazing show.

    And Gabriel should win all. :3

    • Part of the fun will come in how Max has to write some those last rounds, if, say, Bender ends up going against Gabriel and WINS! 🙂

    • Casey Lawson Mar 9, 2013

      If anyone from Supernatural should be on this list – it should be Castiel! He would win it all!!

  6. Voted. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  7. alyssaz Mar 8, 2013

    Voted! Mal v. Loki was tough! I love mal but the description of loki sounds a lot more sinister

  8. 3 of 10 Mar 9, 2013

    Upon hearing Ben’s criticism on my choice of Jason Bourne I feel the need to specify that I chose him not particularly because I think he is Sci-Fi, but because I was reasonably confident he could beat the other suggestions. :3

  9. 3 of 10, I’m with you. I think Bourne will go pretty far! =)

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