Episode 163: Star Trek Roundtable Discussion

June 11, 2013


Featuring The Sci-Fi Christians

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6 comments on “Episode 163: Star Trek Roundtable Discussion

  1. Good episode!

  2. I am with Fans for Christ.org. I had a fan-group table at New Orleans Comic Con in November 2012. I reported this incident back to the group on our forums when I got back: “At one time I was standing at the table explaining about the Facebook page and the forums to a gentleman and I was distracted so didn’t notice Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi STNG) and entourage was walking by. She must have saw the banner because she turned around and came back, pressing through the crowd of people at next door table and people in her group to come up and speak to me. She said “I just wanted you to know, Gene was an atheist!” Pause. This lady doesn’t just look like her, it is her. She did say Gene, as in Gene Roddenberry. She seemed miffed about our group, maybe because I was in a Star Trek WOK costume. It takes a few seconds for me to process all this. All I could manage to blurt out was ‘Well,…I can’t help it!’ Yeah, that’s telling her!”

    • Some people just can’t see any deeper than the labels.

    • Michael Jun 13, 2013

      Riiiiight, Marina. Because, of course, art can only speak to people who think and believe *exactly* as the artist did. Sheesh.

      I think your response was just fine, actually! Better than getting into some kind of polemical argument.

      You’d think a Trek actor would know a little more about IDIC – or at least not saying anything at all if one can’t say something nice. Especially one who played the “goddess of empathy.” 😉

  3. Tracy Jun 14, 2013

    I’m grateful for it in a way, now I have a funny story to tell anyway!

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