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4 comments on “Man of Steel Review

  1. I had a very similar reaction to the flick as you two! Particularly in regard to Krypton and how they’d cut back to Smallville. I really like the direction they took Lois Lane and set up the Lois/Clark/Superman dynamic, I thought it made a lot of sense in modern day terms of tracking people down and it’ll give the next film a little more to work with. Great review, guys! My review, if you are interested: ow.ly/1XrVtW

    P.S. I was at the midnight showing in Maple Grove 🙂 Go MN!

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    • We’re starting to get a healthy Minnesota contingent of SFC fans! Glad you enjoyed the movie and the review

  2. First time that I came to your website. I figured Matt would be thinner and Ben a little heavier. I really enjoyed the movie myself. My movie experience was skewed by attending with my son who is getting a doctorate in English with an emphasis on literature to film. So, he has a harsher critique than I. As Ben often talks about movies that are just too much action scenes, so does he. He wants some intelligent story telling and good character development. Which brings me to my one disagreement with your podcast review. As for the tornado scene being the best; No Way! I understand what they were trying to get across, but you send indestructible boy to get the dog! It has been heard of that a person was sucked up into a tornado and deposited safely a mile away. Do not send your father to die! No matter what point he is trying to teach you. Other than that I agree that this was a very good movie and review.

  3. Elijah Plaep Aug 1, 2013

    Man of Steel continues the pattern of Zack Snyder having amazing trailers that outshine his movies. The movie was great but I had a few complaints. First of all Lois Lane was wasting villains on that ship and had like no reaction, like I’m assuming she hasn’t killed before, so why no reaction? Next Superman killing Zod was cool except the circumstances could have been better, I mean if he could snap his neck why couldn’t he just turn it. Upped stakes could have helped. I loved Cavill and his reaction to the kill. But the cut to the comedy scene with him and the general was STUPID! the “he’s kinda hot” joke was soooo stupid, and the weight of the kill was just destroyed. Also Zod wasn’t as cool as his female hench(wo)man, and the main villain should always be best. Overall B+.

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