Episode 169: The Lone Ranger Shoots Himself in the Foot and Other News

July 13, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 169: The Lone Ranger Shoots Himself in the Foot and Other News

  1. I think Popcorn means that you are willing to eat during it. Purely fun. Now, if you are trying to pay attention to every detail, chewing on food makes it much more difficult. A deep, meaningful movie often isn’t accompanied by snacks… at least in the ones I’ve been to.

    Now, I’ll reserve my opinion on Lone Ranger until I see it, as the US runs on herd mentality. As we know with John Carter, just because it doesn’t make money, doesn’t mean it isn’t good. And once you get a report that it doesn’t make money, then no one wants to see it. Then you have many people making assumptions based on money intake. Many of the “cult” classics didn’t do well at the box office.

    I think run times are important. Tailor run times for the movie. Some could have been a little longer and some could have been shorter. On long movies, I’d really like to see the addition of an intermission. I hate begging for the end of the movie just so I can relieve myself.

    Regarding things that have held up for me: ALF, Robotech (read Macross) and He-Man. Now, I have picked a lot of other items and enjoy them for their attachment to my history, however the previously mentioned properties surprised me at their quality. Now, excusing animation for being limited due to the needs of budget AND considering He Man was made exclusively to sell product, the episodes are bizarre and interesting (mostly).

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