Episode 170: Top 5 Things I’m Nostalgic For

July 16, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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15 comments on “Episode 170: Top 5 Things I’m Nostalgic For

  1. So much nostalgia! Overload
    I could go on and on, but I just want to convey my gasp of surprise when Ben mentioned Superbook.
    I watched that so much as a kid as I was “allowed,” even though in retrospect it was much more horrifying than any of the stuff I was banned from.
    I thought nobody else saw those things except for me.
    I don’t want to go back and watch them. I know they wouldn’t hold up and that’s some nostolgia I want to hold onto.
    Anyone remember “Reboot”? Very similar concept to the one with the video game appearances mentioned.
    Oh, and Ghostwriter. Wow… I, like Ben, only managed to sneak a couple episodes as it was “evil.”
    Anyone have nostalgia for Square One, also on PBS?
    “Square One!” *Bwa bwa da bwa da. Bwa da da.*

  2. Interesting episode.

    I actually think He Man holds up fairly well. I mean, there’s a lot of stupid stuff as well, but some of the stories are actually pretty good. I picked it up on a whim, expecting it to be pretty bad but was surprised it was actually decent. I’d give it a C. While some of scoff at a C, that’s average. Most TV is C material.

    And Tron? I think the original Tron is still excellent. What aspect of it do you find doesn’t hold up?

    Now I’ve had a hard time finishing Wheel of Time. I haven’t got past volume 10. And that was after being stuck on volume 4 for years. I loved the setting and the characters could have been great. I want to finish it, but… I just haven’t built up the courage yet. The best I can say is that it is very up and down. There needs to be a fan edit to just remove the junk. I’ve got to get it out of my mind. Argh, Wheel of Time!

    My biggest disappointments were Super Friends, GI Joe and Transformers. Now, there are notable exceptions in Transformers as far as story. The Transformers Movie was and is still excellent for me. Though I can still watch them for what they are.

    What holds up the best for me, has been ALF, the Muppet Show and Robotech (Macross).

    I’m leaving out things like Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Trek and Star Wars as they really aren’t questionable.

    I loved the Disney cartoon block. Gummy Bears is good in my memory. But all of them were pretty good at least in my memory.

    Of course I’m a little old than you Matt, so mine will be a little different. Many of Ben’s picks I experienced as a teen or adult, so my perceptions are different.

    Dick Tracy: I watched it once… and am ok that I watched it but don’t need to watch it again.
    Rocketeer: Holds up!
    Thrawn Trilogy: Read it once. I’m glad that I read it (and it is a hallmark), but don’t need to read it again.
    Flight of the Navigator: I’d be really interested to this again. No idea how it’d hold up. I have good memories though.
    TMNT: Matt, read the original comics. The cartoon and movies… no idea.
    Neverending Story: Still pretty cool.
    MASK!: I loved MASK. I wouldn’t expect it to hold up though, but haven’t seen it since I was young.

    Choose your own adventure: They were good I thought, but I’d be curious what I thought of them now.
    Bubble Bobble: I remember it, but never really played it. We didn’t get a Nintendo until late in the Nintendo day.
    Batman the Animated Series: I watched it as a late teen/young adult (can’t remember exactly) but enjoyed it and so probably would still enjoy them.
    Mario universe items: Good adventure series and lots of replayability.
    Batman TV series: Well I liked it in reruns when I was young. Haven’t seen it since. I’d sooner watch it than ANY TV crime series I’ve ever seen.
    Starwarslewistolkien: See above.

    Aside from the clone saga, I agree with your runner-ups Matt.

    Fireworks… still good. 🙂 Just have to relax and enjoy life.

    Ice Pirates = Awesome! Ridiculous, but awesome.

  3. Casey Lawson Jul 18, 2013

    Does anyone else remember McGee & Me? It was a TV show of the christian variety where the kid drew with his magic pencil and McGee comes to life. Cartoon mixed with live action and always told a bible story with a moral (like the veggie tales of the 80s). Doesn’t hold up but holds fond memories for me.

    • I absolutely remember McGee & Me, Casey. In fact I probably remember just about ever cheesy Christian show from the late 80s or early 90s

    • Holy crap. Yeah.
      Wow, that was was a crazy little hidden blind spot in my brain that you just opened up. I didn’t even remember that I remembered that.

    • Woah… can you believe it was only 12 episodes? Felt like a lot more.

  4. Adventures in Odyssey.

    • Yep, I listened to those too! Or at least the earlier ones. They kept going long after I’d outgrown them but as a kid those were some of my favorites

      • The wild thing is that they’re still on the air. But they’ve produced some very high quality stuff beyond the late 1980’s that was just mind-blowingly well written and produced.

        It has the legacy of a comic book. They have over seven-hundred episodes in the can.

    • I remember they did this scary anti-RPG episode, which kept me away from some really fun storytelling in the RPG genre for a long, long time.
      I’m still a little bitter toward them about that, and it’s honestly why I don’t listen to any Focus on the Family today.
      Betrayal of trust…

    • I remember they did this scary anti-RPG episode, which kept me away from some really fun storytelling in the RPG genre for a long, long time.
      I’m still a little bitter toward them about that, and it’s honestly why I don’t listen to any Focus on the Family today.
      Betrayal of trust…

  5. Elijah Plaep Aug 1, 2013

    Other top 5’s I would love to hear you guys talk about are: Top 5 Female Superheroes and Top 5 anti-heroes. Also to hear some of you guys talk about if you prefer Marvel or DC, not which is better but which you take to more. Thanks!

    • Oooh. I like both of these, but anti-heroes especially.
      Of course, four out of the five will probably be watchmen.
      Though Hellboy is also a natural.
      What if it was “Top 5 Female Superheroes that Don’t Make Christian Men Ashamed of Liking Comic Books”?
      Too long winded?

    • Thanks, Elijah! Those are good suggestions!

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