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One comment on “The Wolverine Review

  1. Elijah Plaep Aug 1, 2013

    I actually really liked this movie. It gave nice insight to Wolverine and his life. The archer guy was… weird like his motivations weren’t clear and his switch back to the good side was quick and unclear. As far as what the movie is about it is more about delving into Wolverine’s character rather than focusing on plot. Also one thing I really like was the bear. At first I thought is was a stupid joke when it peed, but then I realized the significance. The bear was sort of like an untamed pet for Logan, some much needed company in his solitude. The peeing scene I felt was to give it dog like innocence to send that message further. So when he killed it it was like having to kill your own dog. I also liked that even though Logan was rock bottom he still had a sense of justice and some of his sarcasm. So his depression wasn’t overdone so he wasn’t him anymore. This is better than Origins and Last Stand to me personally. But Behind the rest, that end credit scene got me pumped! Also excited for the X-force movie. Fingers crossed for X-23. I give the movie a B+

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