Episode 181: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 30-21

August 22, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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4 comments on “Episode 181: Top 50 Sci-Fi TV Show Countdown: 30-21

  1. Michael Aug 22, 2013

    Matt, you are right on the button, I think, as far as why Game of Thrones doesn’t rate higher. Everyone who tells me about it consistently describes it as “like Tolkien, only with graphic sex and bloody violence. It’s realistic, y’know?”

    What the Frodo?!? Why do I want realistic Tolkien? Especially grim and gritty realistic Tolkien? Not interested, and don’t expect I ever will be. Flibbedy floo…

    I also wonder if long-time genre fans are suspicious of properties that, while undeniably genre, crossover and enjoy “too much” mainstream appeal. This is going on in STAR TREK fandom at the moment (including an ongoing struggle in the heart of hearts of yours truly). “We made a Star Trek movie for *everyone,*” is the constant refrain from JJ Abrams, Simon Pegg, et al. Perhaps long-time fans don’t want to reward such an attitude. It feels a bit like selling the family farm.

    • I’d say that’s a terrible description of Game of Thrones. Outside of being in the fantasy genre, it’s nothing like Tolkien. Not even close! It’s also a disservice to focus on the sex and violence. Is it a series for adults? Absolutely. But it’s the characters, themes and storytelling that make it good, not cheap shock value

      • Michael Aug 22, 2013

        Yeah, I suspect you are right; nonetheless, that is how it is being perceived among the folks I know who watch it, and some of them should know better (although some of them are only familiar with JRRT through the Jackson films).

  2. Can’t judge an author by their movie.

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