Episode 186: Sci-Fi Christian T-Shirts and Other News

September 11, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono


To check out the store, click here!

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One comment on “Episode 186: Sci-Fi Christian T-Shirts and Other News

  1. Congrats on the store opening. Enjoyed the clarification that you’re not getting any profit off the merchandise. And Matt’s sneaky sentiment, “Ooh, these are good prices.” 😉

    Anyway, as always, this was a fun episode. I thoroughly ate up your criticisms of the Abrams boy band. Specifically Orci. It is startlingly unprofessional that he would speak to a fan in that manner. I was certain I was in a minority when I say I think Into Darkness is a weaker film than 2009.

    When I first saw ’09 (Star Trek) I could smell the fifth of its writing team. 2009, while flawed, offensive (to Trek fans, primarily), and crude, came very close to having a genuine story to tell with real themes and characterization. Into Darkness was just an obligatory sequel-canvas of colorful paint thrown on.

    For us Star Trek fans, the new films have been a challenging beast. I think I dislike the folks behind it more than the films, themselves. But what brings the films down are the folks behind it.

    Just as Ben pronounced for the future of the ‘Wars franchise, Star Trek, additionally, needs to evolve into the next stage of greatness. All that these new Trek films have been, are sleazy commercializations of a 1960’s cult-classic, and a filled-pothole to Star Trek fans. The pothole being the pause the franchise has taken since Enterprise’s cancellation in ’05.

    The Abrams boy band Trek dynasty are doing everything wrong, at this point. Star Trek, while being commercially preserved, is having its true soul buried deeper into memory.

    Star Trek must evolve to a point greater than that of Roddenberry’s contributions, for any legitimate continuation to be justified on an artistic and heartfelt basis.

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