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September 6, 2013

robocop 5I was originally a bit hesitant to jump on board with the remake of Robocop. In my opinion, it doesn’t need to be redone. I’m not saying that all of the original Robocop movies were good, far from it in fact, but I think that the original still holds up today.

While trailers can be very telling of a movie, I’m not sure this one tells me enough to have strong feelings one way or another. Personally, I think it looks entertaining, but I’m hoping there will be more to it. Call me an optimist. Check out the trailer for yourself below and leave your thoughts.

Robocop hits theaters February 7, 2014. The film stars Joel Kinnaman, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jay Baruchel.

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2 comments on “Robocop Trailer

  1. I loved the first Robocop and not really any of the sequels. I am a bit torn about the new one but not because of what it is or is not. It is just that now that I am in my forties with teenage children, the desire to see most R rated movies is gone because they push things too far getting that rating. If it was just something like action and violence, then I am usually OK with it. But lately they throw in nudity and extra stuff when they know they are going for an R movie and it turns me off. So, while I like the premise and would love to see what they did with it, I will probably pass.

    • I bet this new remake will be PG-13, as to have a wider demographic on their plate. Personally, I’ve never seen the original Robocop, but from what I have seen, the violence level just looks atrocious. Some grump in a darker Iron Man suit shooting people horrifically doesn’t excite me.

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