The SFC 2013 Trick-or-Treat with Sarah: The 5 Most Lovable Werewolves from Film and TV

October 24, 2013

As the editor of the Sci-Fi Christian, I don’t write too often on the site, but I am honored to kick off our official 2013 Halloween countdown! In the next several days, you will hear from our SFC writers on some of the great (and not-so-great) Halloween or horror-themed sci-fi lore. So, without further ado, enjoy this fun list of my top 5 most lovable werewolves!


5.  Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiello – True Blood

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Sure, he is rough around the edges, but Alcide is really just a gentle giant who wants to find the right person to love and protect. With a difficult childhood in his past, he is a loner who strays away from the “pack mentality,” which can compare on occasion to the “mob mentality.” Although he is non-human, or as the folks near Bon Temps say, a “supe” (supernatural), he seems to be the most balanced match for half-fae (fairy) and main character Sookie Stackhouse. Alcide only earns the number 5 spot on this list because he becomes a super annoying, angry and unlovable packmaster for most of season 6. Thankfully, in the end, he comes back to his true self as a friend to all, no matter what race or species. He reconciles with shape-shifter Sam Merlotte and comforts Sookie after the passing of one of her friends.


4.  George, played by Russell Tovey – Being Human (U.K.)

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Highly intelligent, awkward and unaccepting of his werewolf affliction, George stumbles through how to deal with this monumental life change. He tries to separate himself as the quiet hospital porter from his once-monthly gruesome and violent wolf transformation, but George ends up realizing it is a part of him now. Although George is essentially a tragic character from beginning to end, Tovey brings realistic humanity, genuine humor and heartfelt sincerity to the role. And we love him for it.


3.  Scott Howard, played by Michael J. Fox – Teen Wolf (1985 Film)

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How could I not mention this gem? Scott just wants to fit in like any other high school student. He is sick of being just average. Then, he transforms into a hairy, athletic and talented werewolf! Unlike many depictions in this genre, Scott does not need to hide his identity. His father is a werewolf like himself (and presents a hilariously matter-of-fact, gray-haired werewolf dad) and the school absolutely loves “the wolf!” Scott, or Teen Wolf, brings his basketball team to the championship, but can he lead the Badgers to victory as his regular, human self? And whom does he choose: the popular girl with whom he has always been infatuated, or the childhood best friend who loves him for who he was in the first place?


2.  Tom McNair, played by Michael Socha – Being Human (U.K.) 

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Naïve and young, Tom was brought up in the woods by fellow werewolf Anthony McNair, who led him to believe he became a werewolf through a curse (and not through the traditional biting or scratching). Tom follows McNair in whatever he does, which primarily includes killing vampires. When Tom meets his first female werewolf, Nina (George’s girlfriend), he does not know how to react and becomes so intrigued that he follows her around like a lost pup. Even after he is told to back off (and does so accordingly), Tom is still fascinated by this new type of relationship that he did not think was possible. After finding out the truth about McNair and his real biological parents, Tom moves into Honolulu Heights with the rest of the supernatural crew. Much more adventure ensues, but in everything, we are captured by his adorable boyishness and curious wonder.


1.  Oz, played by Seth Green – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Oz is a teen of few words and is quite witty, clever and ambiguously funny. He attends Sunnydale High School and plays guitar in the band Dingoes Ate My Baby, who often performs at the lively teen spot The Bronze. He is small in stature, wears a spiked and gelled 90’s hairstyle and dons those fabulous “parachute pants” that we all remember. More importantly, Oz tends to be a great judge of character and is loyal and loving. He assists Buffy, Willow and their gang in saving the world multiple times and even forgives Willow after he finds out she kissed fellow friend Xander. Oz is a joy to watch on screen. He is observant and he doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s always worth the listen.


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4 comments on “The SFC 2013 Trick-or-Treat with Sarah: The 5 Most Lovable Werewolves from Film and TV

  1. Michael Oct 24, 2013

    Great choices (especially George! – did you see that actor in the Baskervilles ep of SHERLOCK?) for a great article, Sarah! You really must put on the writing hat for us more often. Thanks for a great piece!

  2. This is a great list, Sarah! Hopefully it will encourage people to check out Being Human =)

  3. @Michael – yes, I saw that he was in that! He was on the Titanic episode of Doctor Who as well. I have seen a couple of episodes of Sherlock, but need to catch up and watch chronologically. And thanks! Maybe I will (write more)!

    @Max, thanks and I hope so!!

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