Episode 204: The LOST-Off: A LOST Trivia Challenge

November 10, 2013


Featuring Matt Anderson, Ben De Bono, and Wayne Henderson

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2 comments on “Episode 204: The LOST-Off: A LOST Trivia Challenge

  1. Fun episode. Great format. This game show flavor is something to repeat! Wayne was a great guest.

    As someone who has never seen or heard a frame of sight or sound of LOST, I was entertained by the prospects of this most merry episode. Congratulations of bountiful confetti to Matt Anderson! And don’t worry, Matt, as the old cliche proves, Ben is just jealous.

    I have yet to listen to the remainder of the episode with the next Disney World edition of the saga, but I don’t suppose I need to listen to it to say that I loved it. 😉

  2. Palindrome Nov 14, 2013

    This episode reminded me of all the things I love about LOST. Ben should be pleased that I only knew the answers to about five of those questions. While I’m sad that Wayne lost, I am happy that Matt has now justified his obsession with LOST by winning, yay for Matt!

    On an unrelated note: what are your plans for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode? Will it be before, after, or day of (November 23rd)? Will it feature the feedback of fans with more Doctor Who experience (classic Who)? Are you going to have Mike Poteet on the episode? you mentioned that a while ago. Can we have ranked lists of doctors, companions, and episodes from fans? Can we have least favorite lists (for companions and episodes)?

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