Episode 239: Top 5 Sci-Fi Villains

March 27, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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One comment on “Episode 239: Top 5 Sci-Fi Villains

  1. Koby Radcliffe Mar 27, 2014

    To not have Vader as no.1 is just wrong, and to not have him on the list is a travesty!!!

    5. Joker (all batman movies he is in)…the scariest thing of this villain is that it is the most realistic, a psychotic homicidal maniac, not to hard to believe, which makes it more terrifying
    4. Khan (Wrath of Khan, into darkness)…if you go back and watch these movies you could argue that Khan is the most crafty villain! Super smart and a great fighter
    3. Terminator (Terminator)…great villain because it was his demeanor that really made you fear him, brute strength and just a shoot ’em type guy that is all business
    2. Voldemort (every harry potter)…possibly the greatest villain to have ever been on paper and then made better with the movies
    1. Darth Vader (hands down, the prequel in no way hurts the greatest villain of all time.)…was the main villain of the best sci-fi franchise to have ever been made

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