Episode 249: Meet the Star Wars Cast and Other News

May 3, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 249: Meet the Star Wars Cast and Other News

  1. Another good show. I found you guys through the cross-over event that all the Christian podcasts did. I just went through the list, ones that had mp3 format shows (the only kind I can use) I listened to. You guys were thought-provoking enough to continue on with.
    Matt, don’t worry about the whole don’t-drink-beer thing, you aren’t missing anything. Beer tastes like cold dish-soap. No Ben, I didn’t just have a bad episode, I have tried dozens of beers even one made by Belgian monks that cost $12 a can some ten years ago (so probably more now) that just tasted like smooth, cold dish soap.
    Oh, and you are both not right on one thing- ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ is a good show with some terrific potential (and only 8 episodes for a season). It is inspired by the book, and they had the author help them out… so the idea of making another take of a French analog to the show is either redundant or just a money-grab off the success of “Resurrection”.
    Lastly, “So is Hell” sounds like an interesting movie- Give me more fake news.

    • I am terribly remiss! “Resurrection Revealed” is a great podcast, with Wayne and Troy, and the interviews, in particular, give a lot of depth to the experience. I am such a dope for forgetting to shout out.

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