Episode 250: Top 25 Things We Want to Experience by Episode 350

May 5, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 250: Top 25 Things We Want to Experience by Episode 350

  1. Great list episode. Matt, if you are willing to watch Chuck after watching the third and fourth seasons, then you will love the first and second. (or hate them…but I doubt it) To me, it was a terrific show that stayed on too long and was really stretching to be interesting by the fourth season. I am not even sure how much of the last season I watched. My main qualms are everyone seems to take on heroic characteristics, as if the premise of an ‘everyman’ being the hero had to be changed to everyman is a hero. ‘Sarah’ is just a dull character, and as she takes over more and more of the show (and takes off more and more of her clothes) the show loses its appeal. Luckily, the “secondary” characters like Big Mike, and the interplay of Morgan and Casey make it worth watching, until they are almost entirely phased out. Judging off of this and Firefly, Adam Baldwin (John Casey) is an actor who really gets the best out of those around him..or he is a good foil, if you want to put it that way.

    • I need to start finishing an episode before I start responding. I just get so excited.
      On my list of to do this next year is “Deadly Shores” by Taylor Anderson. It is book nine in a series, terrific so far, about some form of alternate reality/parallel earth and some people who go there. (expectations: 4.5 )
      I also want to finish the series Warehouse 13. (ex: 3 not all the acting/writing is top notch…but well worth what I am paying for it. nil)
      Maybe I will break down and try Battlestar or Farscape or Dr. Who or something else like that. It is possible I might even try Agents of Shield. (ex: 2 there is a reason I have avoided them thusfar…just running out of things I am really interested in)

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