Episode 266: Excavating the X-Files: Part 7

June 21, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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2 comments on “Episode 266: Excavating the X-Files: Part 7

  1. Best XFiles episode.
    So, one time, I stepped into my shed, and thought I got a nail stuck in my head, but instead, there was a hornet’s nest that came from the ceiling, and I got stung right on top of my head, and it burned something fierce, my favorite way of killing wasps is to open a large book under the wasp and as it drops, because they don’t always fly very well, especially indoors, I snap the book shut on it, so I get pressed wasps instead of pressed flowers.

    The best part of the episode was the part where you were listening for voices. I found myself holding still and listening. (I haven’t finished my coffee yet)

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