The Official 2014 Top 50 Voting Post

July 23, 2014

The time has come once again, Sci-Fi Christian Fans, for a listener voted Top 50 list! This year we’re doing the Top 50 Authors. The voting is going to be a bit different than last year so please read everything below before you vote.

Let’s start by setting up a couple parameters for which authors are eligible to be voted on. First, it probably goes without saying that we’re looking for genre fiction authors only. Anyone who writes sci-fi, fantasy or horror is eligible. Second, for the purposes of this poll, we’re looking at prose authors only. That means that Home, Dante, Milton and other epic poets are out. The same goes for graphic novel writers. (If either those exclusions disappoints you, just remember there will be plenty of our opportunities for other top 50 lists in the future).

Of course, some authors write more than just prose. In those cases you should include or exclude them on your ballot based only on their prose. For example, if you love Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel work on Sandman but can’t stand his novels, you should probably leave him off your list.

Now for the actual voting. Last year we had you send in up to 20 entries, all of equal weight in the final tally. This year we’re doing a weighted ballot. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  •  You can send in between 5 and 20 entries. The first 10 need to be ranked as each place will be given a different point value. The second ten – your runners up – can be unranked as each will be given the same point value. Again, a minimum of a top 5 is required for your ballot to count!
  •  The point values for the different ranks will be as follows, with more points indicating a higher ranking:

1: 15 points
2: 12 points
3: 10 points
4: 8 points
5: 6 points
6: 5 points
7: 4 points
8: 3 points
9: 2 points
10: 1 point
11-20: 0.5 points

  • As you can see, we want to encourage you to give thought to which authors make the very top of your list and which you may want to vote for but don’t feel as strongly about.
  • One last voting note: we know a lot of you out there are self-published writers. We admire your passion and desire to promote your work, but please don’t vote for yourself 🙂

If you have questions about the voting email Otherwise, send in your ballot to The voting ends AUGUST 8TH so don’t delay. We’re looking forward to seeing your ballots!

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8 comments on “The Official 2014 Top 50 Voting Post

  1. How many times am I allowed to send in my list? If I have multiple email addresses can I send in multiple lists? 😉

    • Ben De Bono Jul 18, 2014

      I suppose that depends on how many times you want Matt to ban you 😉

  2. BTW, if you’re short on authors, here’s a list:

  3. I looked at that list, too. Added in my #3, which was absent. 🙂

  4. 1.) J. R. R. Tolkien
    2.) Neil Gaiman
    3.) George R. R. Martin
    4.) Timothy Zahnd
    5.) Kevin J. Anderson

  5. ah you dont want to get the Matt ban John i mean if it falls before the hiatus it could be a while until he recinds it

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