Episode 282: It’s a Trap!

August 20, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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3 comments on “Episode 282: It’s a Trap!

  1. Don’t worry about respecting (or not) Nick’s opinion, he doesn’t even listen to your show! He just saw that I posted on there, and had to comment on anything Star Wars. Plus, he has a huge man-crush on Liam Neeson, so, there you have it.
    -Nick, if by some chance you read this…you have a stupid face. 😛
    The Clone Wars cartoon is alright…it certainly paints Anakin in a more sympathetic light.
    Lastly, you should have your kids watch the Prequels EARLY, not late, not never… do it while they still like stupid, meaningless, slapstick kiddie shows. Then, later, when they can appreciate something with depth, have them watch the original trilogy.

  2. Michael Aug 21, 2014

    Great finish to your discussion, guys.

    My family and I just finished rewatching the whole saga – original trilogy first, then the prequels. It struck me how much the prequels really seem like a cartoon (and not in a good way) in comparison: as you say, complicated visuals, very very flat characters. For example: in Ep III, we are supposed to believe Anakin becomes Vader because of his hunger for power. We are told that in dialogue many times. But we don’t SEE that. We SEE him being concerned for and scared about Padme. We SEE him making choices out of fear. But we HEAR, “Oh, your lust for power has blinded you,” yada yada yada. The characterization is all telling, very very little showing.

    I do have to disagree with you about one bit – as much as I generally dislike how they pulled off Vader’s first scene in the suit in Ep III. hearing James Earl Jones’ voice mention Padme does unify the trilogies in a certain satisfactory way (given what we have to work with, you understand). I don’t mind it. The “Nooo” – yeah, that I mind.

    And you DON’T like the podracing? That’s the only exciting stuff in Ep 1!

    I really enjoyed the first two and a half seasons of “Clone Wars.” After that, we stopped watching because my son (about 10 at the time) decided it was getting “too dark and violent.” I was impressed with his self-“policing” of what he watched! (And a little abashed, because I would’ve been content to go on watching! Still want to catch up with the last half of the series one of these days.)

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