Episode 289: LOST: Part 3

September 22, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson, Ben De Bono, and Des Anderson

We release this episode on the 10 year anniversary of the premier of LOST’s pilot episode. In this podcast, Ben and Matt are joined by Matt’s wife, Des. Matt and Des just watched LOST all the way through, the first time Matt has watched LOST since its final episode aired in 2010. Does Matt still love LOST as much he did back then?

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One comment on “Episode 289: LOST: Part 3

  1. Scott Sep 26, 2014

    This was a great episode, nicely done.

    Matt, it was fun to hear how similar your relationship with Des was to my relationship with my wife – good to know I am not alone. The highlight was your reaction when you discovered how much Des actually listened to the podcast. Priceless.

    So, now the obvious question for Ben. When will Annie be a featured guest on the show?

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