Episode 309: Top 100 Sci-Fi Authors Countdown: 40-31

December 8, 2014


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

In this episode we reveal the authors that were ranked numbers 40-31 by the Sci-Fi Christian listeners’ votes.

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One comment on “Episode 309: Top 100 Sci-Fi Authors Countdown: 40-31

  1. Ben… I thought, for sure, that you, with your interest in the roots of topics would have read such a fundamental author as Andre Norton. To not even know she was a she…I’m not mad, just disappointed. I think you need to remedy this sad state of affairs. I recommend either the “Central Control” ‘Star Rangers’+’Star Guard’ series or, if you want to get a good dose of humanistic propaganda, the “PAX” ‘The Stars are Ours’ + ‘Star Born’ series. Both are only two books long, and as that is less episodes than a series of the new British “Sherlock Holmes” it fits into your criteria for non-involvement.
    Keep in mind that these were written between ’53 and ’57 and come complete with ray guns and rocket ships. They are a visit to the pre-StarWars era of sci-fi, when “atomic” was futuristic and, indeed, it was difficult for a woman to get a foot in the door of sci-fi writing.
    I am not kidding, and I am not setting you up for a ‘Warehouse 13’ kind of situation… this is where our modern stories come from. Great literature…no, but foundational to the genre.

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