Episode 324: Fox Excavates the X-Files and Other News

January 23, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

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7 comments on “Episode 324: Fox Excavates the X-Files and Other News

  1. Michael Jan 26, 2015

    “Sometimes our culture makes me very sad.” You said it, brother Ben. I think, on my more pessimistic days, that you guys also in this episode hit on the two controlling principles in today’s movie-making industry: 1) “We own them both, so why not?” and 2) “Hey, let’s give that guy a movie.”

    “Sleepy Hollow” started strong last year, but went off the rails into Crazy Even By Its Own Wacky Standards Land by the end of its first season. I have not missed watching it.

    Stay strong in your love for the FF, Matt! I have to admit I haven’t read much of them other than Silver Age stuff (I do have most of Hickman’s run in trade and just haven’t made the time – I’ve heard it’s really good), but they’re a great and classic concept. I’m not sure why Hollywood has such trouble getting them to the big screen.

    • Hickman’s run is what won me over. I’m anxious for you to read them so we can discuss them. I’m really considering buying the two huge collections of his complete run on “Fantastic Four” and Future Foundation (called “FF”). Unfortunately, they are each about $80.

      • Michael Jan 27, 2015

        Well, when it split into two titles is when I fell behind and stopped trying to catch up. The FF teaser trailer makes me want to read it all, though. I’ll try to read the Fantastic Four trades sooner rather than later so maybe we can do some analysis before the movie shows up. Do you read digital comics? Those collections might be cheaper on Comixology.

  2. Christopher Pinkleton Feb 10, 2015

    Considering “The After,” I’d be happier if they gave the new “X-files” to anyone BUT Chris Carter. The pilot was laugh-out-loud funny, but not on purpose.

    Too bad, it was supposed to be based on Dante’s “Inferno.”

    • Ben De Bono Feb 10, 2015

      Regarding Dante, Carter said that the show was going to have 99 episodes – one for every canto of the Divine Comedy. That’s when I knew we were in trouble, because the Divine Comedy has 100 cantos, not 99. If Cris Carter couldn’t be bothered to do even that basic level of research, I can only imagine how horrific the show would have become down the stretch

      • Christopher Pinkleton Feb 10, 2015

        Oh no! Well yet another reason to be happy Amazon killed this sucker after giving it the go ahead initially. But we may have missed one of the funniest unintentional comedies ever.
        I’d love to hear a rant from you on the After, Ben. I predict you would title the ep ” Chris Carter loses his mind. ”

        But if you do watch it, be sure to prepare 3 fingers of strong brown fluid first!

        • Ben De Bono Feb 10, 2015

          “But if you do watch it, be sure to prepare 3 fingers of strong brown fluid first!”

          From about 15 minutes into Jupiter Ascending on, all I could think was, “I wish I’d brought my flask”

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