Episode 378: Xena: Warrior Reboot and Other News

July 24, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Xena may be making a return to TV, Sony is planning an Emoji movie, more live-action Disney, and other news.

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One comment on “Episode 378: Xena: Warrior Reboot and Other News

  1. I think the title of the Aladdin prequel is going to be “Genies.” (Personally, I’d rather see a reboot of “I Dream of Jeannie”… How would that premise work with 21st century sensibilities?)

    Matt, at least some edition of the 30th anniversary Blu-ray BTTF set is going to include, for the first time ever, the animated series. I’m mildly intrigued by that because I’ve never seen it, but, like you, I bought the 25th anniversary set and am not a passionate enough fan of the franchise to buy this one, too.

    Ben, judge not, lest ye be judged. 🙂

    Maybe emergency exorcisms fall into the same category as emergency/conditional baptisms….?

    Fun news show, guys!

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