Episode 414: Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Countdown: Runners Up: Part 1

November 22, 2015


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

In this episode, we discuss a list of movies that got votes towards our Countdown, but didn’t crack the Top 100. Each of these entries only received one vote each.

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7 comments on “Episode 414: Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies Countdown: Runners Up: Part 1

  1. Trent Nov 25, 2015

    I’m still listening to the episode, but just have to make a comment.

    The disparaging of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, while not doing so to Star Trek 5, was something I cannot agree with. 5 was a movie that the people who made it don’t even want to talk about. It simply didn’t happen.

    It may be my Engineering/Physics background but I found the long shot of the docked Enterprise not as boring but as loving respect to the central character of the entire series. Quite literally the narrative vehicle.

    The trip through the cloud could have easily been cut, though. It was more to show off the state of CGI, rather than some necessity to move the plot forward.

    I understand many people don’t like the movie, but it is definitely better than 5.

    • Ben De Bono Nov 25, 2015

      I haven’t seen the 5th movie, so that’s why it missed out on getting disparaged 🙂

      • Trent Nov 27, 2015

        Don’t watch it. Ever.

        • Unfair, unfair! Star Trek V is far from perfect – far, far from perfect – but it is also not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I defended it in a guest post for Scott Higa’s “Christian Nerd” a couple years ago:


          That said, I agree with you, Trent, that TMP is much better. Have you seen the Director’s Cut? It is a substantial improvement over the theatrical release; though still a long movie, it’s been considerably tightened, and some emphasis on characters has been restored.

  2. Todd W in NC Nov 26, 2015

    This was an interesting list of runners up. I was the one who voted for Iron Man 3 and Meet Joe Black. Both were among my Honorable Mentions.

    Meet Joe Black is a slow-paced movie that probably feels longer than it actually is. Oddly enough, however, it’s one of those rare movies where that slow pace is actually a good, fitting thing because the movie is all about impending death and life winding down. It has great performances from its whole cast and a very satisfying third act.

    I know the Iron Man trilogy can be pretty divisive among fans. I love the first one which is probably still my favorite MCU movie and was in my top 5 on my ballot. I don’t dislike Iron Man 2 as much as most people, and I like Iron Man 3 almost as much as Iron Man 1.

    As for the Star Trek movie discussion… Star Trek: The Motion Picture is definitely slow, boring, and dated; but Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is one of the worst movies ever made. I sort of liked the campfire scene between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy at the beginning. But, the movie gets very sloppy after that.

    • “one of the worst movies ever made” – oh, come now! See above. 😉

  3. You guys shouldn’t knock “Field of Dreams” until you’ve seen it, especially with both of you being fathers. It’s a good, good movie – good performance from Kevin Costner (really), a fantastic turn from James Earl Jones as a reclusive Salinger-esque author, and a beautiful score by James Horner. I am not a sports guy, I don’t like baseball – but this is one of my all-time favorite films. Recommended!

    Matt! I watched “Today’s Special” with my sister who was 4 or 5 at the time. Have not thought about it in years, but now the theme song is stuck in my head. Oh, boy. What a hoot. He *was* a talented dancer, that’s for sure.

    And, Matt, when your child is a few years older, I highly recommend all the Wallace and Gromit cartoons. Loads of fun!

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