Episode 432: The Year 2016 In Preview

January 4, 2016


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

In this episode we look ahead at what is coming up for the Sci-Fi Christian in 2016!

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4 comments on “Episode 432: The Year 2016 In Preview

  1. Sounds like Ben is going to have a very grumpy year (apart from his baby, I hope) – was there a single movie or TV show he said he was interested in or would go see willingly? Yikes!

    Oh, well – here’s hoping 2016 is happy for you both, all the same.

    (Matt, go home for supper!)

    • Ben De Bono Jan 5, 2016

      I’m sure something decent will be released this year. I’m also sure it won’t be one of the many sequels, rehashes, or mindless cgi-fests that show up on coming soon lists

  2. A few thoughts on the potential Metropolis viewing and an unsolicited suggestion or two:

    First, try not to watch Metropolis on your iphone. Image and style are integral to most surviving silent classics. Watching it on a small screen will not do the film any favors.

    Metropolis may be a difficult watch for a first silent film. Even veteran silent film watchers can struggle with the pace and lingering camera shots. Films such as Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu are shorter, faster paced, and in the same German expressionist style as Metropolis. These may work better if you feel the need to watch a silent genre film.

    My own unsolicited suggestion would be The Passion of Joan of Arc by Dreyer. It may be a bit too harrowing to crack jokes as you watch, but is an experience that may stay with you. It is best seen with the ”Voices of Light” soundtrack and probably found at your local library.

    .I would also be remiss if I did not mention a Dante adaptation, L’Inferno. It was made in 1911 and is the first Italian feature length film. It is antiquated, even by silent film standards, but only an hour long and can be found on youtube. I enjoy it quite a bit, despite the film’s limitations.

    • Ben De Bono Jan 5, 2016

      I’ve been aware of L’Inferno for a while but haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been working on getting into silent films lately. I watched Master of the House and City Lights recently, and have Safety Last and a few other Chaplin movies waiting to be watched

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