Episode 450: Top 25 Things We Want to Experience By Episode 550

March 15, 2016


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

For the third year in a row, Ben and Matt have developed a list of 25 things that they plan to experience in the next year.

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4 comments on “Episode 450: Top 25 Things We Want to Experience By Episode 550

  1. Jason Mar 16, 2016

    Good news Matt, Forbidden Planet is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, so you can up your exposure to the bard and check off a classic sci-fi blind spot at the same time.

  2. Ben! You’ve never read “Lord of the Flies”?!? Excited to hear what you think of it. I bet you’ll think it’s better than 3.5 stars. Fantastic book. Not an upper, but fantastic all the same. (Less convinced you’ll like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” though after you do, I recommend you seek out the “lost ending” SNL presented in 1986 when William Shatner hosted the episode… Funny stuff!)

    Matt, I found “Out of the Silent Planet” pretty disappointing, too. Good for you for giving the rest of the trilogy a high – I still haven’t. I hope you’ll like “Metropolis” – I thought it was still pretty compelling when I watched it about a decade ago.

    I love the foreign film suggestions. More for my Netflix queue! Thanks for helping me broaden my horizons.

    PS. I was glad to hear Ben say “when” we get to episode 550 🙂

  3. Philip Apr 2, 2016

    Hey Mike- War of the Arrows is a good foreign film on Netflix. I keep hearing good things about 2015’s The Assassin also, and plan to see it soon.

    Ben- If you saw The Raid: Redemption and enjoyed it, I think you”l like Dredd.

    Matt- I think you and the wife will be pleasantly surprised by Warm Bodies, it was so much better than I hoped for. It has some deep things to ponder about identity, redemption, re-birth, and relationships of all kinds- and funny, too!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Philip – added to my queue!

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