Episode 452: Indiana Jones and the Return of Harrison Ford and Other News

March 24, 2016


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones are back! And we discuss other news. Plus, Ben delivers his longest story time yet.

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One comment on “Episode 452: Indiana Jones and the Return of Harrison Ford and Other News

  1. “Thinking – Make That an Event!” I think Ben has hit on the SFC’s next t-shirt tag line. (I like it even better than “Fun and Done”)

    I’d like a trend of stories where YAs improve the world. “Tomorrowland” was an effort in this direction, though not a very successful one — too didactic and “preachy” toward the end. But let’s see science fiction where the scientists are again the heroes, equipping society to make itself better. I’m hoping the new “Star Trek” series will take us in this direction – I think the time is ripe for it. (We’ll see if the powers that be are smart enough to seize the moment.)

    (Maybe “The Martian” could be a harbinger of such a trend, too — positive, solution-focused, science-heavy science fiction)

    Don’t dis the idea of a Prydain franchise until you’ve read the books, Ben! I loved them as a kid and (because nostalgia alone not a good enough reason!) I think they hold up very well as enjoyable YA fantasies, well-written and intelligent. They *do* read a little like Tolkien-lite, but not excessively so. I am excited Disney is going to make another attempt. (Matt, you’re right, “Black Cauldron” is the second in the series.)

    As always, Ben proves himself a master raconteur. Loved the story! Christian hospitality gone horribly, horribly wrong… You’ve got the makings of a Stephen King novel there, sir. “‘Do you collect… things?’ she asked, an odd light in her eyes…” Too funny. (I thought maybe the church guys were going to say, “You know where they have great pizza? Jedi’s Garden!”)

    Fun episode, guys!

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