Episode 521: Touring the Tower: The Dark Tower – Part 3

November 30, 2016


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

ALL SPOILERS. It is our final DARK TOWER episode. In this episode we discuss Books 6 and 7 of “The Dark Tower” series, as well as a bunch of books that tie into the overall “Dark Tower” epic.

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2 comments on “Episode 521: Touring the Tower: The Dark Tower – Part 3

  1. Susan Carpenter Dec 13, 2016

    Okay, you guys are driving me nuts. Or maybe it’s just Brian. 😉

    I loved that King showed up in the Dark Tower toward the end because….
    … the WHOLE STORY is about his struggles with writing, being haunted to finish books, being reluctant to finish, and finally allowing his characters (especially Roland, who DOES NOT like him, calls him lazy, etc.) to confront him about how he has left them hanging. He explains that writing (if you have read “On Writing” by Stephen King, he explains this) for him is more an act of channeling than plotting anything out.
    It is NOT being “narcissistic” to own that he is the King of his written universe! It’s owning it. In fact, Roland totally holds it against Stephen King for Jake’s death all three times.

    And the deus exmachina is explained thoroughly as something that people have used for literally ages to rescue their characters when they get in a pinch. Who ACTUALLY rescues fictitious characters? The WRITER. Not “God”. Oi vey.

    King acknowledges that if he wrote it all, he’s the Creator of it all, which makes him God to his own characters. A heavy burden.

    Oh, and I should mention: I have now read all 8 books in TDT eleven times. So, I’ve had many chances to see how everything connects up.

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