Episode 536: Goals 2017

January 23, 2017


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

It’s 2017, and we have some goals.

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4 comments on “Episode 536: Goals 2017

  1. Jane Reed Jan 24, 2017

    Book reading for 2017:. Matt will read 35 and Ben will read 80.

  2. Happy New Year to you both (can we still say that this late in January?). I hope it will be a great one for you and your families!

    Aw, man… now I am going to be totally addicted to Flickchart…. Thanks, Matt (I guess!) 🙂

    Did Matt just somehow compare buying Blu-rays to figuring out the Atonement? 😉

    Don’t know if you’re accepting charity suggestions for 2017, but how about a Christian literacy ministry? I don’t know of a specific one, but I bet they’re out there.

    Matt, I hope you will enjoy “Dracula” – it’s amazing! Ben, I hope you like “Fables” – I liked the first few volumes, but then fell off from it…

    BEN & MATT ARE RIGHT: The Message is a paraphrase (albeit a well-informed one – Peterson is a Presby, and we have to study the Scriptures in the original languages to be ordained as ministers). It does have devotional value, but, no, not as good as a real translation, by committee of scholars, based on the latest critical textual versions.

    There is *always* value in having accurate texts.

    But BEN IS WRONG about skipping the genealogies, especially in Matthew. They are not there for reference in our modern historical sense of the word – Matthew’s genealogy is historically inaccurate by modern standards. It is a THEOLOGICAL statement, shaped to make several important points. Argh, I am screaming at my computer – I will call and scream you a voice mail 🙂

    One of *my* resolutions/goals is to write some more content for you, at long last… Hold me accountable, friends! Don’t clean me off the writers’ page just yet!

    • Ben De Bono Jan 31, 2017

      Regarding genealogies: That’s more or less what I was trying to get at. Reference was probably the wrong word choice. I was more trying to distinguish devotional passages from passages that have theological value but will make your eyes glaze over if you try to sit down and read them like you would, say, the story of Noah

      • Oh, well, that’s different. 🙂 Yes, I agree – attention must be paid to genre in order to get meaning. That’s true for all literature, biblical literature included. It’s possible I didn’t understand your point fully. Thanks for the response/clarification!

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