Episode 557: Indiana Jones and the Mixed Reviews

May 4, 2017


Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

One of the hosts likes this franchise. The other doesn’t. Can you guess which is which?

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3 comments on “Episode 557: Indiana Jones and the Mixed Reviews

  1. Gabriel Jordan May 4, 2017

    Two Thoughts)

    1) I’m with you guys that I’m ok if the series is left alone at this point, but I do think there is a space for this kind of hero/story/adventurer in cinema. I would love, in theory, to see the Uncharted video games to take up that mantle.

    2) Have you guys pondered the thought that Indy is completely unnecessary to the actual events in Raiders? It’s a wonderful movie, but I do find it humorous that literally everything that happened to the villains of the film would have happened with or without Indy. They win at every turn, up till the final scene where they die… which would have happened regardless. Indiana’s adventure is almost completely fruitless.

  2. Mikel Withers May 9, 2017

    Matt it pains me to say this, but …
    Ben is right.

  3. Sorry Matt. Now that Ben has decided that Crystal Skull is worse than Temple of Doom, I agree with him 100%. Literally everything he said in this episode is correct.

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