Episode 595: Sonic Speeds in and Other News

October 11, 2017

Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono

Sonic the Hedgehog is heading to the big screen, as is a reboot of “Flight of the Navigator.” And other news!

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One comment on “Episode 595: Sonic Speeds in and Other News

  1. Philip Oct 11, 2017

    You stated sonic games do not age well and are “as easy as just pushing right”. I will have to respectfully disagree with you on this point. Sonic has had many bad games, but the classic genesis games are much harder and skill based than you give them credit for, and I struggle to believe you have played much more than the first one or two zones if your view is they are simple. The platforming in Sonic is arguably harder than mario, because the focus is on speed so when you reach platforming areas the game requires quick reflexes and precise timing to maintain your speed and get the best time/rings. The games were just as much about getting the fastest speed-run and not just completing it.

     Also the classic sonic games age incredibly well, in fact if they didn’t then the recent Sonic Mania would not have sold as well (or reviewed as well) as it did, and it is a game that relies heavily on the mechanics and aesthetics of the originals. The many many ‘Genesis Collections’ and remasters and re-releases of the classic games would not exist either if the games didn’t age well. (You could argue they exist because of nostalgia, and that’s fair but I don’t think it accounts for all its positive reception).

    I apologize if this critique comes off as harsh, I just felt you unfairly brushed off the sonic games without much thought and I wanted to give the other side of the coin. Thanks for all your great work! 🙂

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