Geek Grab Bag Issue #2

June 24, 2011

What is Geek Grab Bag? It’s a collection of odds and ends found throughout the week from the Internet. Send in your submissions to be featured in future issues of the column to

Sideshow Collectables has a new Han Solo in Carbonite figure that actually lights up.

Warner Bros. had a Twitter contest. The grand prize was a Green Lantern power ring from nOir Jewelry. is now selling Vulcan salute oven mitt.

This is a William Shatner Twilight Zone action figure. I love that it’s in black and white.


Doctor Who comic from Hijinks Ensue.




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3 comments on “Geek Grab Bag Issue #2

  1. i want that lantern ring and the oven mitt. lol

  2. You’ve only put up two of these but I absolutely love Geek Grab Bag!

    Though after looking at the Han Solo figure, I’m bummed by the price tag. Why do slideshow collectibles have to be so freaking expensive?

  3. This is great. I can’t wait to open up the next geek grab bag!

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