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6 comments on “Game of Thrones Season 1 Review

  1. Stephanie Jul 3, 2011

    Hi guys, My question regarding the Game of Thrones is how do you find the television series is based on a Christian perspective? I started watching the first episode with my husband and we really enjoyed the story line, the acting, etc but the nudity is a bit ridiculous. Does this get any better? We would like to continue watching but not if it continues to compromise our values and based on your values what do you think?


    • “how do you find the television series is based on a Christian perspective?”

      That’s a good question and one that really requires two separate answers. On the one hand, there are the issues you brought up regarding GOT’s content. The show is needlessly graphic, and for many Christians that will, understandably, be too large of an obstacle to overcome.

      On the other hand, the show contains tons of themes and ideas that are worth consideration, particularly from a Christian perspective. How do you live honorably in a morally grey world? What does heroism mean when all the lines have been blurred and there’s no clear right or wrong. As Christians we believe in objective truth but subjectively our experience often feels very grey. I think the series does a phenomenal job of drawing out that conflict and making us wrestle with it.

      I do think there’s value in the series, but it’s very understandable why some Christians won’t be coming along for the ride.

  2. Well, I haven’t read Game of Thrones or watched the TV Show, yet, but I understand Stephanie’s point. I always try to avoid certain artistic works (books, comic books, movies, etc) that I know are very “heavy” on sex scenes, but there are for sure some works that I like and that have it. Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” (the book and the movie) is an example on that.

    I think I have the same reaction of a writer, whose (great) book I recently read. He says:

    “As a trained and experienced reader with perhaps a jaded imagination, I find that I react to many of the ‘obligatoy sex scenes of contemporary fiction with boredom. My usual thought is, ‘Here we go again’, as the writing becomes more and more ludicrous and the author’s sexual fantasies rage out of artistic control. I do not think I am being harmed simply by reading them.”

    Yes, boredom, “here we go again”. I’m one of such guys who think that it’s possible to have a real good story with sex scenes, but I know that this isn’t “the way of the things” in our days. Unfortunetaly.

    [1] Gene Edward Veith, “Reading Between the Lines: A Christian Guide to Literature”, pg. 33. Great book, read it!

  3. My mistake: I meant “a real good story without sex scenes”. Sorry for that.

  4. I would love to see more comment on this point. I am not sure if it is okay to say…yes there is nudity but the themes are nice…I am not into religiosity but in terms of Jesus saying not to look at a woman lustfully: is that possible when there are butts and breasts galore?
    Is it okay that some christians are going ‘along for the ride’? Where is this ride taking us? Perhaps down a road of compromise?

    So my question is. Is it not compromise to watch something that causes us to lust, or puts us directly in its path?

    The rails for the train are dangerous especially when the train is coming but the view from there is really nice and how often does one get to see the front of a train from that angle.

    • Minnaar Fullard Nov 26, 2011

      Yes John, My son and I agree 100%. We watched episode 1 up to the scene where the midget was in an open sexual encounter with the lady from the North. the bloodthirsty head choppings and the demonic ‘white walkers’ should have been our exit point but the open nudity made the final verdict.

      Fact is stripped from all these fantasy exploits, the series would probably be fairly mediocre in it’s sales and audiences. Remember sex, bloodthirsty violence and demon scenes sell movies!!!

      No wander the world goes bananas over this one. It appeals to age old man, lust and fantasy.

      The good themes, beautiful settings and romantic worlds are just the stage set for the devil to plant his seeds into the viewers hearts and minds. Sex, nudity, profanity (in the conversation and values of the King and his sons conversations), extreme violence are all there.

      For a Christian this series is a dead compromise. The road to a slippery slope into ‘vanity fair’. The religious themes coming out with the oath of the king before beheading the prisoner, the priests with their symbols at the body of the dead henchman, all suggest the relativity of religion forced on the audience, introducing new age themes subtly to the audience.

      No, this is strictly not for Christians.

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